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Over the weekend, a man reportedly called his local sheriff’s office to report that his roommate was stealing his weed. As if calling the cops to report your own marijuana isn’t unusual enough, the man’s roommate had apparently taken only $20 worth of pot.

Man Calls Cops Multiple Times

The incident occurred recently in Pasco County, Florida. And according to local news outlet WFLA-TV, the man in question made multiple calls to the Pasco County 911 dispatcher.

Apparently, in each call the man attempted to get the cops to respond to his complaint that his roommate had stolen his weed. Specifically, $20 worth of it.

From the sounds of the local news report, the sheriff’s office never went to the complaining witness’s home. Instead, Pasco County Deputy Zalva reportedly asked the man to stop calling.

“The guy’s calling in saying his roommate stole his weed—$20 worth,” Zalva said in a video posted to social media. “I called him to let him know not to call the sheriff’s office to report his drugs. He started to freak out a little on the phone, and hung up on me shortly after.”

It appears that nothing else came of the man’s repeated calls

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After decimating communities of color for decades with low-level pot arrests, the NYPD and its top brass are attempting outreach in the neighborhoods where the war on drugs hit the hardest.  

According to recent reporting from Bklyner., the NYPD’s efforts are based around educating those neighborhoods about the new rules since New York lawmakers moved to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana across the whole of The Empire State. 

The big change happened on August 28th a month after Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the decriminalization of marijuana into law. At the time of the signing, Cuomo noted what happened in the communities that NYPD is now doing outreach in as a major inspiration for the change in state law. 

“Communities of color have been disproportionately impacted by laws governing marijuana for far too long, and today we are ending this injustice once and for all,” Cuomo said. “By providing individuals who have suffered the consequences of an unfair marijuana conviction with a path to have their records expunged and by reducing draconian penalties, we are taking a critical step forward in addressing a broken and discriminatory criminal justice process.”

Assembly Majority Leader Crystal D. Peoples-Stokes noted on the serious consequences communities

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NEW YORK (AP) — Food and drink are still being sold with CBD in New York City, months after health officials banned restaurants and cafes from selling edibles spiked with or accompanied by the trendy cannabis derivative because of safety concerns.

The city’s health department surprised bakeries, restaurants, coffee shops, and other food sellers in February by telling them they were not permitted to put cannabidiol, or CBD, in prepared foods because it hadn’t been approved as a food additive by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. They also can’t provide CBD to customers to add it themselves.

City health inspectors started seizing CBD-laced products, then backed off and gave food establishments until Oct. 1 to comply with the rules or face a fine of up to $650.

Yet on a recent spin around Manhattan in the days after that deadline passed, an Associated Press reporter was able to find CBD-infused coffee, cookies and other food items still for sale.

In the coffee bar at Le District, a fancy grocery near the World Trade Center, a sign read: “Add an extra dose of CBD oil to any drink for $5.”

At the Fat Cat Kitchen cafe in Manhattan’s East Village,

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A sold-out crowd attended the Pennsylvania Hemp Summit this past Tuesday in downtown Lancaster. A diverse set of attendees, including farmers, entrepreneurs and federal and state regulators, met over the day-long event to discuss the opportunities and challenges of hemp legalization. Here are some highlights from the event.

Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture

Photo by Joe Gurreri

Booths, galore! Numerous advocacy groups set up booths throughout the convention center. Pictured here: Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture

PA Hemp Summit Panel

Photo by Joe Gurreri

The panel “Know Before You Grow: Your Checklist to Success” kicked off the event. Panelists covered everything a hemp farmer needs to know from seed to sale.

Dr. Alyssa Collins

Dr. Alyssa Collins Photo by Joe Gurreri

“It’s not a new crop; it’s just new to us. There is a lot of other baggage that comes along with this crop that we have got to work through in conjunction with also trying to help farmers figure it out.” – Alyssa Collins, Ph.D., Assistant Professor and Research Associate and Director at Penn State

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Plus the preferred method for feeling it fastest.

CBD oil is the top trendy ingredient on the market right now. It’s so popular, in fact, that revenue from products made with CBD are projected to grow to $20 billion by 2024.

In case you’re wondering what is CBD, exactly?, here’s a quick refresher: CBD is a naturally occurring compound present in the flowers and leaves of cannabis plants. There’s no THC in it, which means it can’t get you high, no matter how much you take.

The reason CBD is so compelling to consumers is due to a laundry list of promising purported health benefits, from reduced muscle pain and anxiety to help with nausea, insomnia, and inflammation. We’re still waiting for clearance from the FDA (and more robust research on the proven perks of the ingredient), but in the meantime, many Americans are eager to test out the positive potential of CBD.

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After initial ‘bubble’ in cannabis stocks, analyst expects about a half dozen companies to survive, thrive.

As the one-year anniversary of the legalization of recreational cannabis approaches, an industry expert says the Prairie provinces are outpacing larger players Ontario and Quebec in the Canadian market with a smoother rollout and stronger sales.

“Manitoba and Saskatchewan are making Ontario and Quebec look very bad,” said Chris Damas, editor of BCMI Cannabis Report, a newsletter for cannabis investors in Canada and the U.S.

In the two largest provinces, Damas said poor regulatory frameworks and slow-to-open stores meant the industry underperformed in its first year. He praised the framework in Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan for allowing private retailers to sell product and opening the door to e-commerce.

– Read the entire article at CBC News.

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In a bid to highlight the country’s foray into legal medical marijuana, Thailand will host the inaugural World Ganja Festival early next year. The event is being organized by the Association of Researchers of Thailand with cooperation from the national and local governments.

“We’re the main host. Thailand’s the main host. We’re deciding who we will invite to the Ganja Festival,” said the World Ganja Festival’s Honorary Advisor, Gen. Charan Kullawanit. “There will be Chinese, Japanese and American guests. They once opposed the idea.”

“We’ll invite them so we can listen to their academic ideas, presentations, and statements,” he added. “We’ll see how the event will benefit the global community.”

The Association of Researchers of Thailand announced that the group had signed agreements to hold the first World Ganja Festival next year from January 29 through February 2 with the Thai Nationalism Foundation, the Journalist and Media Association of Thailand, and provincial administrative organizations of Nakhon Phanom, Sakon Nakhon, and Mukdahan. The event will be held at a 40-acre venue near the Nong Yat Reservoir in Nakhon Phanom province.

Sharing Knowledge About Cannabis

The World Ganja Festival 2020 will serve as a platform for the sharing of knowledge about the medicinal uses of

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